Cambridge Academy

Cambridge Academy is famous for our very friendly atmosphere and informality. We look forward to your joining one of our groups of students


Cambridge Academy was founded over 25 years ago in Southern Italy. In the years prior to this, our founder opperated the Academy in countries throughout the Middle East and Europe.


There are thousands of students today speaking very good English thanks to being taught by the Academy Direct Method approach. This Method is used in many countries and to all nationalities including mixed nationality groups. There are 12 Levels from complete Beginners to Advanced.

Our Students

Student ages range from 6 to the 90's. Students are tested on arrival and placed in an appropriate Group or Age Level according to their ability. Students attending the Academy come from all walks of life.

Professional community

It is possible to arrange custom on-site training and special courses for professional and business people according to their needs and requirements.



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Cambridge Academy: Italy and the U.K.
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